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About Purelix

All experts, the Purelix Sciences team includes farmers, scientists, business professionals and CBD advocates. Our unique ability to service our partners has resulted in numerous long-standing relationships in the industry and we have historically been a leading producer of quality products in the CBD space. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and our dedication to integrity and consistency have made us a trusted source of crude, distillate, and isolate. We want to help our partners thrive and know that honesty and fairness, along with our commitment to compliance and innovation, will ensure our continued success as an industry leader.

Our Leadership

Purelix Sciences Glenn Garrett

Glenn Garrett

Managing Director
Purelix Sciences Ellen Conway

Ellen Conway

Administrative Director
Purelix Sciences Sarah Crews

Sarah Crews

Director of Sales + Procurement
Purelix Sciences Mark Haroldson

Mark Haroldson

Director of Operations